Art has an important place in our daily lives, but few people are able to recognize the beauty in the ordinary things around them. Nevertheless, there is a whole trend in contemporary art, in which artists create masterpieces from improvised materials. We suggest you buy coursework from our platform and learn more about what the genre of art from improvised materials is.

What is art from found objects?

The art of using improvised and found materials dates back to ancient times when ancient people used sticks, splinters of bones and stones, and plant sap to create drawings or sculptures. Then, with the development of technology, the use of found objects in art moved into the background as paints and materials could be created by manufacturing. Today, art from found objects is experiencing a new wave of popularity as one of the directions of pop art.

The essence of found object art is that the artist finds his masterpieces in the environment and only makes some changes to the original form. Basically, the masterpieces in this direction are various stones of bizarre or unusual shapes, shells especially bright colors, branches of interesting shapes, and other natural objects. Today also as art objects can be used as various accessories, parts of cars or bicycles, household or closet items, and other things from everyday life. They can be used as independent art objects or as a part of complex art objects.

The art of found objects has several meanings:

  1. To show the representation of a particular era in everyday things. This provides an opportunity to understand not only the external conditions of society but also to understand its psychology, system of values, and social reference points, which form the basis of its development. Also, things can serve as an illustration of technical progress and achievements of society at different stages of its development.
  2. To show the transience of an era. Objects from everyday life and the environment can best represent the transience of different eras. At the same time, the use of found objects together with created art objects shows the close connection between art and life, the extent to which one sphere complements the other.
  3. Demonstrate the accessibility of art to everyone. The art of found objects shows in the best way that anyone can find masterpieces – you don’t have to learn or spend money to create masterpieces from expensive materials. All you have to do is look around and find something interesting in your home, yard, park, or riverbank.

At one time, the art of found objects caused a real furor among viewers and art critics. Some still believe that this trend cannot be called an independent and valuable genre of art, because almost garbage is used to create masterpieces. However, art can only be called art when it leaves no one indifferent and causes a lot of discussion among everyone who had the opportunity to get acquainted with it. From this point of view, the art of found objects can rightfully be called an independent direction of pop art.