As a professor at the college, I found myself reflecting on how to become a better essay writer. In a world where we are expected to write essays to get a good grade, it is important to know how to make yours stand out from the crowd. You can’t get points for copy-editing, you only get points for creating unique characters and a thoughtful argument. As a result, it pays to know how to become a better essay writer.

Don’t make common mistakes

One of the most common mistakes of new college and graduate students is to begin their essays with a personal and one-line statement. It is common for students to use “I” too early in the writing process, even before they have a clue how to write a better essay. The better writers will insert personal pronouns at the end of their statements. This allows the reader to picture the writer’s perspective as a neutral party. When readers can imagine themselves reading the essay, rather than the writer’s, they are more likely to enjoy it and to take it seriously.

Use interesting but brief statements

It is common for a writer to think up a complicated explanation of a topic, but if that complex idea is presented in a brief manner, it can be easier to understand. As an alternative, a writer may choose to use a very short descriptive essay to simplify a complex concept.

Use the double entendre

By using this technique, you will gain two points in one sentence by presenting two opposing ideas in the same sentence. A classic example of this technique is the sentence, “The earth is round.” However, if we replace the word “earth” with “is” and add the word “round” to the end of the sentence, we have a better idea of what the author is trying to say. This technique is great for essay topics that deal with science or other objects that don’t have a clearly defined definition.

Write for a specific audience members

If you are writing an essay about plumbing, you are not going to want to write about a detailed description of the inner workings of a pipe. It would make the essay boring and would fail to interest a prospective mother-to-be. In addition, a technology-minded man would not want to read an essay about computers or mobile phones. Instead, he would be more interested in information that pertains to his lifestyle.


These tips are just a few of the ways that can help you become a better essay writer. There is no need to despair if you cannot write for a specific audience. One suggestion is that you research the topic you are writing about so that you know what sort of things people are concerned with and what kind of information they seek. Then, simply write in a way that will appeal to these people. As long as you do this, you will become a better essay writer and start writing on a topic you care about!