Despite the availability and proliferation of opportunities for personal fulfillment of every member of modern society. However, not all of them use them for their intended purpose, due to which not only individual members of the community, but the whole community suffers. Broad opportunities for development, alas, do not guarantee the elimination of problems, which accompany society on its gradual development towards a better model of organization. What problems accompany contemporary society and whether it is possible to overcome them – we offer to order from our “do my paper” service

What insurmountable problems exist in modern society?

It is impossible to assert that problems of development of society exist only at the given stage of its development – they are inevitable satellites from the time of its formation. But depending on the historical period of development of the world and society, these problems may have a different character. At the present stage of the development of the world community, the most common are the following problems of social development:

  1. Conflicts. Alas, sorting out relations has always been and will remain one of the main forms of self-trust – and not only for individuals but also for entire countries. It is unlikely that there will ever be a universal way to overcome conflict for good–it is inherent in human nature and unlikely to be solved by available means.
  2. Social inequality. Another well-known insurmountable problem of modern society is social inequality among its members. As the propensity for conflict, it is unlikely to be resolved by the available means of social organization. Each of us strives to get more chances to create a comfortable life, but not everyone is on an equal footing, no matter what personal development coaches and psychologists say.
  3. Negative impact on the environment. This is one of the most pressing problems that has concerned the modern community for decades. Many experts, politicians, and simply conscious citizens make every possible effort to preserve what is left of the environment and to minimize the negative impact of human activity. But at this stage, the losses are still too high, and their minimization too insufficient.
  4. Ideological rivalry. Countries in the modern world have different forms of political structure and ideology that bring people together in communities. Despite the availability and openness of information, this does not only make it possible to spread one’s vision of the future world peacefully, but rather promotes rivalry between different theories and models of social structure. Everything looks like these contradictions will not be eliminated in the future.
  5. The ability to build cooperation. For the stable functioning of society, all its members must be able to cooperate among themselves and unite for the sake of common ideas and goals. In practice, however, no one has yet been able to create a form of social association that all its members would not object to.
  6. The development of modern technology. It would seem that this should not be a problem because all innovations are designed to make life more comfortable for each of us. In practice, however, their widespread dissemination only provokes a division between fans and opponents of technology. The latter see in the methods for manipulating public opinion and the violation of personal rights and freedoms.

In fact, the list of insurmountable problems in modern society is much longer. their existence is an indicator of the development of the community and the search for the most optimal forms of social association.