An essay is one of the types of writing during which the author sets out an understanding of a problem or event in his own words. But undertaking to write an essay, it is important for the student to familiarize himself with the rules for writing an essay. If this is not specified in the training manual of the educational institution, you will need to follow how to issue an essay. In addition, the essay is designed to teach students how-to have discussions and be concise. Therefore, it can greatly affect a student’s public speaking skills. If you write according to the plan mentioned below and complete each step, you will at least have a decent essay. In addition, you will understand exactly how to organize the composition process, which is a valuable skill in itself. Are there rules for writing an essay? As with any text, there are some guidelines to follow when writing essays:

  • Before writing an essay, choose a problem. Keep in mind that it should be relevant (modern) and interesting.
  • Develop your personal writing style. The essay should, first of all, reveal the author and show his charisma and attitude to the problem.
  • Use living language, not empty stamps. Speak the way you usually do in life.

The Main Steps for writing an Exemplification Essay

  1. Choose a good short essay topic.

A good topic should show consistency and relevance to the subject being studied. It should also be important. And should contain inherent values and potential for further research.

  1. Strive to do good research.

Doing good research includes: Choosing facts, not bullshit. Additionally, check the criteria for the reliability of your information.

  1. Puns (a play on words), metaphors, interesting allusions, and other artistic techniques will help to diversify the text.
  2. The title should be concise but relevant to the topic, highlighting the main problem addressed in the essay.
  3. When editing, be sure to do the following: Leave the first draft for a while before selecting it again. Also, double-check grammar and punctuation when reviewing the draft.

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